Nusa Lembongan

Things that you should not forget to do in Nusa Lembongan.

The island Nusa Lembongan is a Hindu island which has amazing charm and located southeast cost in Bali.  However, the island is just 8 kilometre and you can easily visit here via Sanur with the help of a boat ride. Well, the island is known for its paradise features and beautiful locations.  For those who like to spend some time in a calm and natural place, the island is a perfect fit for them. However, for those who want to do party, Nusa Lembongan can be a disappointment as the island is not for those activities. However, if you want to relax, enjoy water activities, spend time with gazing sun sets etc then don’t miss your chance. Here are the points that should be in you must visit list! Well, here is the list of things that you must do when you visit the island.
  • Visit Manta Rays
Well, you can’t miss the manta rays. They are a beautiful and magical creature with wings. You get to see these creatures flying above the sea’s bottom.  Also if you want to see more, you can surely spend your time watching these peaceful creatures swimming beautifully. Not just that, for those who never got the chance to see manta rays, for them it’s the golden chance to experience something beyond beautiful.
  • Get the chance to explore beaches
Nusa Lembongan is an ideal island where you can find beautiful beaches to explore. Well, there are some parts of the seas which are used for plantations such as for seaweed. Also, some seas have very strong current which makes the sea not safe when it comes to swimming.  For better, you can even visit Paradise beach, Jungut Batu, Dream beach, and secret beach as well.
  • Enjoy the sunset with sunset cocktails
There is nothing perfect way to end your day in Nusa Lembongan.  There are lots of spots where you can watch the sunset, for making the moment memorable here you get different cocktails. The sunset is something which you should never miss when you visit here. The experience of transformation of the sky into blue to orange as well as red and starry night is just hard to forget.
  • Don’t forget to do diving and snorkeling
The island is famous when it comes to snorkeling and diving as there are lots of people who like to visit here for enjoying these activities. The journey starts including the tradition boat and gets a chance to visit spots like Nusa ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Penida. Not just that, you will also see beautiful manta rays as well as fishes.
  • Want to explore? Rent a motorbike for yourself
If you want the better side of the island then you can just hire a motorbike and drive anywhere you like. However, it’s better to go slow as you will get to notice beautiful things. Not just that, it will also help in keeping you safe at the same time.
  • Eat some amazing food here
There are different places where you can taste amazing food. The island got something different and unique when it comes to taste. Also, you can try sate on lemongrass sticks.  Not just that, you can enjoy healthy and freshly made dishes. The place is also great if you like to taste homemade cakes and cookies.