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Visit the paradise The Gili islands.

Top 6 things that will make your holiday memorable Situated in the coast of Lombok, the Gili Island is three idyllic paradises which are hugely famous for turquoise waters and greenery. Also, the island is free from any kind of traffic jams which make the place perfect for resting and spending some time in peace.  However, Gili Trawangan is the most visited and larger island that you will find in three islands. Add these six things to make the Gili island trip amazing for you If you are planning to visit Gili T which is also known as Gili Trawangan and famous for holiday destinations, then there are different things that you can do, however for now here is the list that you can follow. #1 Cycling around the place: The island is free when it comes to cars, traffic jams, etc. here you will not find any such things. For traveling the towns, you have to rent a bicycle which helps you in exploring the entire island. #2  Enjoy Diving:  one of the main activities because of which the island is famous, if you are the beginner then here you will get some schools where you can learn diving. Also, there are some places where you should visit if you love diving such as white tip and black tip, jacks, angelfish, etc. #3  Witness the sunset on ocean swings: what are the best way to witness the beautiful sun sets in the ocean?  The ocean wings for sure.  There are numerous swings that you will get where you can just spend time, dangling your feet in cold water and watch the sun going back to the ocean. #4 Taste the delicious side of the island Seafood & BBQ Grill restaurants: the best venue that you can get for enjoying the seafood is KO-KO-MO,  pearl beach  lounge,  danima restaurants where you can get everything you like such as  live music,  cocktails,  delicious food, etc The Pasar Malam night market: for enjoying the traditional food such as fresh seafood, sate stands, this place is best. Here you a visit after the sunset and spend time at late night. There is no doubt that this place is heaven for those who love local food. Regina Pizzeria: Pizza is one of the famous foods that you will get in the grill islands. However here you will get some different taste which one of the best things ever you tasted. #5  Do party on a boat Here is a cruise booze cruise where you can do party as much as you like. There are different stops which also include the Lombok. You can join the party and enjoy the crazy as the well wild side of the Gili Islands. Also, you can do the drinking games, free shots, etc. #6 enjoys watching cinema on the beach If you got some lazy hours that you want to spend then cinema on the beach is the best options. Usually, the film starts here around 7 or 8 pm. There is a beachfront cinema where you can also enjoy the private huts for watching the movie and killing time.